The T.G.M. Company was founded in 1984. It progressively developed by extending its plant area in the subsequent years, together with the installation of new equipment and machinery units specialised for part machining.
Through the years, our company was positioned on the market as a specialist in part machining with multi-spindle machinery and bar diameter of 5 ÷ 55 mm.
Through qualified external companies we are able to carry out thermal treatments, grindings, etc.
Furthermore, we have the know-how for studying and assessing the feasibility of new products, within the scope of our works, supported by preparatory tests specific to the item to be produced, conducted by external laboratories professionally qualified for such checks. In 1995, in order to meet the ever-increasing market requests, the company adopted and implemented a Quality Assurance system conforming to ISO 9000 norms. To satisfy and guarantee the technical requisites and the conformity of the product, as dictated by the Customers’ specifications / drawings, is a milestone for our Company.
All this has granted the various Company sections and departments well defined tasks and responsibilities, always under control, in keeping with the procedures and operative instructions formalised in T.G.M.’s Quality Manual.



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